Weller Architects


Our primary role is to listen, synthesize and offer opportunities to give shape to our clients’ needs; needs that have, many times, form and basis but not the spark of identity to achieve presence. We read between the lines and facilitate awareness to hidden or unverbalized relationships between idea and being; we immerse the client into this process and draw upon his understanding to bring life to the project. Many of our clients, due to diverse cultural influences, are reluctant or slow to share ideas and knowledge, and justifiably so; it is indeed uncomfortable to delve into one’s understanding of things and share hidden or personal meanings. Preconceived notions of the project give way to creative dialogue whereby the semantics of our clients’ cultural, moral and intellectual language are slowly and deliberately fused into an understanding of what their project is to be; our task is to assimilate the physical and metaphysical, myth, semantics, symbols, cosmologies, all into a context that is, especially in the case of our American Indian Clientele, influenced by alien or non-conforming elements or ideas. It is these incongruencies that give opportunity for us as designers; to us these influences are commonplace, to some of our clients they are an anathema, to others an annoyance, however to all, our solutions attempt to give order. We give integrated, sustainable life to our projects; with this sensitivity we bring design tools to bear; sharing this impetus, we build collaborative relationships.

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