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AIA New Mexico Chapter Honor Award For Design for Diné College Campus

ACI New Mexico Chapter Excellence in Concrete for Diné College Campus


Louis L. Weller - New Mexico Architects Medal: AIA New Mexico, presented to for advancing the practice of architecture through outstanding achievements and a sense of social responsibility.

Louis L. Weller - Whitney M. Young Jr. Award: AIA National Award, presented in Philadelphia at the AIA Annual Convention for contributions to the improvement of social conditions.

Distinguished Alumnus Award, Department of Architecture and Planning: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Louis L. Weller - Shining Star Award - Economic Development and Professional Service: National Indian Business Association, presented award for culturally sensitive Architecture.


Louis L. Weller - Individual Recognition Award: National Commission on American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Housing, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Louis L. Weller - Distinguished Leadership Award: American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers.


Distinguished Leadership Award: American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers, presented award excellence in leadership.


Professional Advancement Award: Southwest Tribal Employment Rights award for the Advancement of Native Americans.


Professional Service Award: All Indian Pueblo Council, presented award for contributions to Native American Communities.


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Weller, Louis L. "Contemporary Native American Architecture." - European Review of Native American Studies, Oct. 1996.

Healthcare Environment Award Competition, Honorable Mention, New Design Category - The Center for Health Design and Contractor Design Magazine, 1995.

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